Privacy and Security Policy


Marsol invites you to review our Privacy and Security Policy. The moment you visit this website, you become legally bound by this Policy. We take the privacy and security of our site’s visitors as seriously as we do our own. We are committed to protecting your security and privacy during and after your visit to our website. 

If you disagree with our Privacy Policy or the information saving and storage processes of this website, you will no longer be able to access the site or use our services or resources. 

Although we are committed to securing your privacy, we cannot absolutely guarantee the immunity of your electronic data. When you consent to this agreement, you give Marsol the legal right to collect, store, and use your data. 

We collect cookie files from every user for internal and informational purposes only. If you disagree with our website’s policy, you will not be given complete access to the website’s resources and services. 

The purpose of data collection is to get basic information about the type of user that accesses our website. We collect your data for statistics on quality, purpose, time of visit, and other metrics. 

To provide you the best quality of service, Marsol may also collect other types of data from your visit, such as electronic address, age, password, phone number, and debit card information. Marsol may also collect data concerning your personal preferences. This enables our affiliates to contact you with proposals of goods and services. 

We collect your data to provide you with the highest quality service. We store your relevant information to protect against fraud and to manage your account. 

We secure our right to internally share all data collected from your visit with our colleagues. We may also share this same information with third parties, such as online payment providers. We are obliged to disclose any and all information provided by your visit to our website if ordered to do so by judicial institutions.