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Marsol has a longstanding record of superior offshore marine support services for the oil and gas industries.

Marsol is a certified operator and works in complete accordance with international ISO

International Standards for Quality Management Systems
International Standards for Quality Management Systems
Specifications for Occupational Health and Safety Assurance
Guidelines for auditing management systems
Environment Management System
Thanks to our consistently dynamic leadership, Marsol sets and stands up for corporate responsibility standards in the workplace. People at Marsol are committed to teamwork. Our clients’ best interests are at the core of the optimal solutions we provide.
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We’ve had our chance in the region to obtain an established position as a reliable marine support service provider mostly serving the energy industry at sea. Our perseverance has helped Marsol to work its way up, regardless of unstable market conditions.

We’re now aiming to scale this business while adhering to the principles that have brought us the local success: commitment to projects, timely delivery, highly qualified, appropriately skilled employees only, upholding superior industry standards at all costs.

Our endurance along with continuous growth and innovative approach has streamlined Marsol for success in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East, Africa, and Southeastern Asia. We continue building our legacy of industry excellence while still striving to grow into a global business. We strongly believe that our working principals will continue bringing us outstanding ventures and partnerships that, in their turn, help us push our limits.

I am immensely thankful to each and every Marsol investor and client for the trust they’ve put in us. We realize the responsibility that we hold and one that follows. Our entrepreneurial spirit and ambitious plans inspire us to be great.

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