Offshore Construction


Oil and gas offshore construction projects are Marsol’s dedicated area of expertise. With our company’s location in a key UAE area (Emirate of Fujairah), Marsol provides the largest scale and variety of offshore construction and repair services. Our extensive offshore construction experience includes numerous partners in:

  • maintenance and repairs
  • welding, heat treatment, and inspection
  • testing and recommissioning
  • blasting and painting
  • handling of construction materials  
  • much more
Marsol Offshore Construction Services
Marsol Offshore Construction Services
  • We perform EPC/EPCI/EPIC projects, including commissioning, managing our own fully equipped construction warehouse, and marine resources for production and installation offshore.
  • Marsol provides FSO/FPSO investment, management, operation, and maintenance services, in addition to supplying competent technical manpower. We provide independent inspection, certification, and lifting training for all lifting and rescue equipment. 
  • Our inspection and construction services are carried out in accordance with all applicable international standards. 

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